For the best possible results you must read through and fully understand the following -

Make sure you have done your research, ensure you like the portfolio of chosen artist and their style of brow. Make sure you have seen healed work as well as fresh.

If you have questions about the treatment or the appearance of your new brows, please have them ready prior to the consultation or email first. It is important you have all questions answered before starting. 

Please remember any new brow treatment is a  two step process. You will have a perfecting session 6 weeks after your first appointment, to reinforce any pigment loss, add density or change pigment colour. All skin types heal differently, factors such as after care, lifestyle and sun exposure all play roles in the way your brows will heal so be realistic with the outcome.

Be prepared to look after your brows.  Two weeks after your appointment you will need to follow instructions very carefully, do not plan any holidays or spa days and avoid excess sweating for the first week at least. You have taken the time and spent money to invest in your brows so make sure you take care whilst healing.

Once the healing has finished your brows will be much easier to manage but please remember that hair growth will still be the same, once you have a defined shape it is much easier to maintain. You will also need to apply SPF whilst in the sun, this will help with longevity.

Consider your colour boosts, which are different for every individual. Generally, you will require a boost every 6-18 months depending on skin type, after care, lifestyle and sun exposure.

Any waxing or threading should be performed at least 1 week before the procedure: Electrolysis no less than 10 days before the procedure.

Do not have any chemical peels, limit use of retinol around the brow area within 1 month of treatment.

Brow tint must not be applied within 2 weeks of your eyebrow treatment.

Do not fake tan or use sunbed prior to your appointment as skin type will not be clear.

Do not drink high volumes of alcohol the night before your treatment or high volumes of caffeinated drink before your treatment.

Since delicate skin or sensitive areas may be swollen or red, it is advised not to make social plans for the same day.


People who cannot be treated are:

-Those under 18 years of age

-Lactating and pregnant women

-Those on any skin medication such as Roaccutane (wait for 6 months after the course), steroids which thin and over sensitize the skin

-Those undergoing radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatment at present

-Those with diagnosed transmittable blood conditions like HIV or Hepatitis

-People with any skin diseases, symptoms, or irritations that appear on the area

-Persons with keloid or hypertrophic scarring

-Active skin cancer

-People with glaucoma and people who are taking blood thinning medicines

- Those who have had botox less than 3 weeks before appointment.


What is semi-permanent makeup?

Also known as micropigmentation, microblading, permanent, cosmetic tattooing and eyebrow embroidery. These are all forms of implanting pigment into the dermal layer of the skin, allowing for fade over time. Rather than being a permanent tattoo. This is a longer lasting alternative to henna brows and tinting.

What is the difference between Ombre, combination and hair stroke brows?

Hair stroke method, also known as microblading is when tiny hair like strokes are implanted using a nano hand held blade. This can be the most natural of finishes. Recommended on normal – dry skin types, for the sharpest healed results. If you wear brow makeup everyday this method might not be enough for you. It is perfect for someone just wanting more of a defined shape to the brow, however is still prepared to add pencil when necessary.

Ombre, also know as powder brow is more of a makeup look rather than completely natural. It is a technique using a digital machine and sterilised single use needle to shade the area of the brow. This can be as dramatic or as natural as desired. Often the fronts of the brows are feathered / pixelated to create that graduation of tone. Again there can be many different outcomes depending on the desired style. This is suitable or all skin types including oily or those with open pores.

Combination, This is a mix of the two previous methods. If you are a fan of the ‘fluffy’ look but also like a slightly more made up pencil look this is the style for you. Like Ombre, the shading can be done as softly or as dramatic as desired. Also great for all skin types.

How long does semi permanent makeup last?

Longevity of brow makeup can vary for every individual. Factors such as skin type, skin care, lifestyle, sun exposure, metabolism etc can all play roles in the fade of semi-permanent cosmetics. You should be expecting to return for a colour boost appointment between 9-15months on average.

To help with longevity you can wear factor 50 over the brow area when in the sun, be careful when applying active skin care and or retinol to the face (avoid brows), chemical peels can also impact fade. If you have an iron deficiency it might be worth looking at supplements, this can also lead to quicker colour fade.

Can I have my brows done if I am pregnant or breast feeding?

NO absolutely not! It is advised to wait 3 months after breast feeding before getting any semi-permanent makeup.

Will it effect hair growth or colour?

No the hair growth will be exactly the same. It does not stop hair from growing. In some cases it has stimulated hair to grow. You will still need to maintain hair growth shape of brow, however after treatment this is much easier as you have a guide to work around.

Does it hurt?

A topical numbing cream (LMX 4 – Lidocaine) is applied to the area before treatment. This will help to make the treatment as comfortable as possible.

What happens at the appointment?

Treatment is approximately 2 hours. After numb is applied, firstly we will discuss the health questionnaire and any worries you might have. We talk in depth about the desired outcome and look you are wanting from the treatment including colours and shape. I will then map out the brow area and pre-draw so you can see what the outcome will resemble. When you are happy the treatment will begin. This takes around 40-90 minutes depending on the brows. Once finished you might be slightly red or swollen but that will go down soon after.

What do I need to do after?

Check out my aftercare instructions

After the treatment will they stay exactly the same?

No, during the 2 weeks post treatment the brows will change. You will experience them being slightly darker and bolder within the first couple of days. They will then start to flake and crisp. During this stage you need to be very careful. They will then appear much lighter before pigment returns and softens. At day 14 approx. they will remain like that. After first treatment patchiness can be expected due to pigment retention. It is usually after the second session you will have retained the pigment more evenly. Aftercare is crucial to great results.

If I already have tattoo brows or pigment in the skin can I still have a treatment with you?

Yes, it is possible to work over the top of some faded pigment. However I require photographs of all previous work, so I can decide on appropriate action to take. Results are never guaranteed as there are so many factors which will impact the healing of corrective work.

Please DO NOT book a one-off colour boost treatment if you have had semi-permanent elsewhere. I need to see the area first and confirm treatment required.


 "Emily is an incredible brow artist! I had microblading last year and then opted for combi brows this year for my top up. I am so ecstatic about the results! She is really brilliantly talented and puts you completely at ease. Highly recommend!"

- LR Duffin