What's the Class Format?

We do strictly 1:1 classes online as we want to provide dedicated attention. It’s weekly once (1 hour), aided by 2 free ‘check in’ sessions per week.

What equipment should I have?

Ideally a laptop or good quality smartphone +headphones are good enough

I need an instrument. How can I get it?

We have negotiated good rates (inclusive of home delivery inside Bangalore) for instruments. Visit the Store section.

Who are the faculty? Are they qualified?

Our faculty are sought after practicing and gigging musicians. Some are self taught while others are qualified from reputed music schools like Trinity.

Does the PSSM completion certificate have any affiliations?

Not right now.

Is this only for western music ? Can I learn Indian instruments also?

The instruments that you learn here can be used to play all genres, Indian or western .Hindustani classical is available, we will be adding other faculties soon.

I tried to put my child in music classes earlier but he got bored. How do we handle that?

Our teachers have been trained to interact with children. We also have a reward system in place that keeps our young rockstars motivated.

I am working in a corporate and  have hectic work schedule. Wil you guys adjust?

Of course, yes. We understand that and will ensure we give you a flexible schedule.

I am already playing in a band but I just want to get better. Can you help?

Yup! Look up the BYS (Boost your skill) course and that’s tailor made for YOU!

Sounds perfect, I am in. How do I register?

Welcome aboard! Just submit your contact details and preferred course through form on Contact page and we will call you and guide through payment and class details. Both will be handled online.